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Listed below are the legislators for the 2012-16 term that have agreed to support the new Blueprint Agenda.

House of Representatives
  House District 5        Alan Seabaugh
  House District 7        Richard Burford
  House District 9        Henry Burns
  House District 15      Frank Hoffman
  House District 18      Major Thibaut
  House District 24      Frank Howard
  House District 36      Chuck Kleckley
  House District 43      Stuart Bishop
  House District 45      Joel Robideaux
  House District 49      Simone Champagne
  House District 53      Lenar Whitney
  House District 55      Jerome “Dee” Richard
  House District 56      Greg Miller
  House District 60      Karen St. Germain
  House District 66      Hunter Greene
  House District 70      Franklin Foil
  House District 73      Steve Pugh
  House District 76      Kevin Pearson
  House District 79      Tony Ligi
  House District 80      Joe Lopinto
  House District 84      Patrick Connick
  House District 86      Chris Broadwater
  House District 88      Johnny Berthelot
  House District 89      Tim Burns
  House District 90      Greg Cromer
  House District 91      Walter Leger
  House District 94      Nick Lorusso
  House District 99      Wesley Bishop
  House District 100    Austin Badon
  House District 104    Paul Hollis

State Senate
  Senate District 1      A.G. Crowe
  Senate District 3      Jean-Paul J. Morrell
  Senate District 6      Bodi White
  Senate District 8      John Alario
  Senate District 10    Danny Martiny
  Senate District 11    Jack Donahue
  Senate District 18    Jody Amedee
  Senate District 19    Gary Smith
  Senate District 21    Bret Allain
  Senate District 23    Page Cortez
  Senate District 25    Dan Morrish
  Senate District 27    Ronnie Johns
  Senate District 31    Gerald Long
  Senate District 33    Michael Walsworth
  Senate District 34    Francis Thompson



Listed below are the BESE members for the next term that have agreed to support the new Blueprint Agenda.

BESE Candidates
  BESE District 7      Holly Boffy
  BESE District 8      Jim Guillory



Organizations that have pledged their support to the
Blueprint Louisiana agenda.

Local/Regional Organizations

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