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Goal #4: Transition Louisiana’s Charity Hospitals to Public-Private Partnerships

The Problem In 2010, Louisiana was rated 49th on America’s Health Rankings, and roughly 880,000 individuals have no health insurance. Louisiana maintains a unique health care model, caring for the uninsured in 10 centralized, state-run hospitals—a tradition described by national experts as “at best antiquated.” Numerous non-governmental organizations and research institutions have been advocating for changes to the “two-tiered” system of care for years, citing inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in this system.

The Solution Significant progress away from state-run institutions has been achieved in recent years, namely the network of primary care clinics in New Orleans and the new relationship in Baton Rouge between Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center and Earl K. Long Hospital. These types of initiatives should be applauded as in-state best-practice models. The state should now take the lead to encourage other regional partnerships based on this success.

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The Blueprint for Action

  1. Create and expand public-private partnerships in sites with low-inpatient admissions near private facilities with capacity.

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