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Blueprint for 2011:
Fall 2011 Election Cycle and Beyond

On September 27, 2011, Blueprint Louisiana issued its latest list of recommendations for reform it plans to support during the fall 2011 election cycle and the next term of the Louisiana Legislature. The 2011 Blueprint for Reform is a 23-page document that offers specific ideas to further improve education, health care and state government.
Fall 2011 Election Cycle and Beyond
Blueprint for 2011:
Louisiana’s “Financial Cliff” Year

On February 14, 2011, Blueprint Louisiana released a list of research-driven recommendations that deliver substantive budget solutions for Fiscal Year 2012 and provide real reforms to continue to address long-standing issues facing Louisiana. Blueprint researched various state issues and potential solutions, and the result is an 18-page report that provides an explanation of each of the 14 recommendations and estimates of potential savings and/or potential new revenue generated to help the state close its significant FY 2012 budget shortfall. Click on the link below to access the report.
Blueprint’s “New Economy” Platform

On April 14, 2009, Blueprint Louisiana added a seventh item to its reform agenda — higher education — to help create a knowledge-based, innovation-driven economy. Both components, the performance-based funding formula for higher education and the Louisiana Research Alliance, are still being fine-tuned. Please click on the link below to learn more.
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The Blueprint for Reform

On July 30, 2007, Blueprint Louisiana unveiled its vision for a better Louisiana, based upon solid research, input from state and national subject matter experts, and additional input from community and business leaders across the state. Then we asked all statewide and legislative candidates to support the reform agenda by signing a contract to work toward passage of necessary legislation, if elected.

Adopt the Nation’s Best Ethics Laws
To establish Louisiana as a national model for ethics in government, existing laws must be strengthened significantly with (1) legislative financial disclosure; (2) enhanced lobbyist regulation; (3) transparency in state funding of local projects; and (4) increased resources for prevention and enforcement by the independent ethics board.

Prepare Students for a Lifetime of Success
Louisiana should continue to expand its nationally recognized pre-kindergarten program shown to dramatically improve student achievement and do more to prepare high school students for careers and college, while decreasing the drop-out rate.

Develop the Skilled Workforce We Need
By redesigning the state’s workforce development infrastructure, improving coordination with industry leaders, creating "centers of excellence" and developing "rapid response" capacity, we can prepare our citizens for greater success in the workplace and provide Louisiana companies with skilled workers to grow their businesses.

Provide First-Class Access to Health Care
Responsibility for providing care to the uninsured should be shared by the private and public sectors, with emphasis on the medical home concept, regional care models and coverage expansions, allowing LSU to focus on world-class medical education and research.

Build a Superior Transportation System
Existing transportation revenues should be dedicated to transportation projects, and Louisiana should develop mega-projects with toll-generated revenues to speed up large-scale transportation needs in a cost-effective, timely manner.

Later in 2007, we added a sixth reform item, Coastal Restoration and Hurricane Protection, to support additional action at the state level regarding this critical need.
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